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Reicom develops and produces, since 2001, products for the Railway Market particularly oriented to solve the connectivity issues between train to wayside and in between coaches, but also for on board CCTV and infotainment. This approach have generated a wide range of products, completely compliant with international EN50155 railway standard and certified by TUV Rehinland.

From Reicom Technical Laboratories come some of the most important innovations of the last few years into the Railway Market:

➜ The first SDR Radio powered by HSBRA™ inside technology for train to wayside seamless connection in any condition (also tunnel) tested @ over 300km/h.
➜ Cyclope: the first system in the world able to stream onto the cab monitor videos from dangerous situations, i.e. hidden points, metro stations, level cross, etc.
➜ The first Interlink System (coming 3Q of 2010, available now for tests) completely wireless, able to create stable, secure and reliable broadband link between coaches.
➜ A complete CCTV and Infotainment line based on Ethernet protocol able to give unmatchable quality.


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Reicom has one of the most important test room to verify the compliance of all its product to the Railways regulation and certification.
Beside this Reicom has chosen to certify all its products, externally, with one of the most prestigious company in order to approve their complete compliance to the EN 50155.

Each product comes together with a certificate that shows it has overcome demanding temperature test into a climatic chamber, electrical test and resistance to vibration and shock. All these tests are necessary to prove the final superior quality of Reicom products and resistance to difficult environments like the railway ones.
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