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Reicom Wireless products and technologies

Reicom products for Public Transport market, powered by the revolutionary HSBRA™ and CLANCAST™ technologies, create innovative hybrid MESH networks, allowing vehicles to connect to each other and at the same time to the infrastructure. This creates, de facto, a dynamic mobile network, a telematic connective tissue capable of delivering services like Live CCTV - Infotainment - Internet - Fleet Management - Vehicle Diagnostic - PIS - Ticketing - Live TV.
Offering true IEEE standards seamless mobility, Reicom products provide uninterrupted service and support for a variety of networks.

Our products enhances the Public Transport sector to benefit from:
➜ high level of connectivity regardless of operating condition
➜ ability to instantaneously access the network, providing real time
➜ communications
➜ ability to manage synchronous data
➜ distributed knowledge of network topology and vehicle locations
➜ use of specific radio frequencies
➜ possibility, in case of “Red Code", to send the onboard CCTV images not
➜ only in one or more central locations, but also to police vehicles nearby


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